Full Service Property Management 

Rent Payment: No need to stress the collection of rent payment. We will collect the rent and deposit your payment into an account of your choice or simply mail you a check. We respectfully enforce the Lease Agreement and Florida Statutes with regard to rent payments. This helps ensure timely collection of your rental payments. 

Bill Payment: Some Owners include utilities in the rental payment. Typical utilities that may be included are electricity, water, basic cable, internet, and vendor payments.  We will receive the bill on your behalf and make payment to the appropriate utility company. We will assess billing statements over a 12-month period to determine proper utility factors for upcoming leases and renewals.

Semi Annual Inspections: In order to remain abreast of the Owners' investments, we perform semi-annual inspections of the properties.  This helps us determine damages or potential risks relating to the property.  We strive to preserve an Owner's investment to the greatest extent allowed.

Collect Estimates for Major Repairs: Many of our Owners rely on our seasoned relationships with contractor in our local area. We will collect any estimates needed for major repairs of your investment. For the Owners that have preferred contractors, we will coordinate with them as well.

Maintenance Calls: No automated systems here! 24 hours a day/7 days a week your Tenants are able to reach us live. We are equipped to handle all maintenance calls and needs of the Tenants. This includes access to maintenance technicians around the clock.

Detailed Monthly Statement: Each month we provide Owners with a detailed monthly statement which includes

Advertising & Showing: We utilize MLS along with other effective forms of advertising to promote your property. Our licensed Realtors/Property Managers will show your property as many times as need to procure a quality Tenant.

Tenant Screening: Each tenant is thoroughly screened for background, criminal, and credit. We also execute a rental history verification and employment verification. 

Pamala Casey
Pamala Casey
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